REC 340 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Paddleboarding, Prezi, Microsoft Powerpoint

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26 Sep 2017
REC 340i: Leisure Exploration Project (70 points)
The purpose of this assignment is to participate in a leisure activity that is completely new to
you, and analyze this experience through the lens of a leisure anthropologist.
You must select an activity that you do not have any previous experience with. Use this
assignment as an opportunity to engage with an experience and individuals, groups, or settings
with whom you may not normally interact. To complete this assignment, you must “step outside
your comfort zone.” Of course, your personal safety must be your top priority and you should not
put yourself in any danger to complete this assignment. However, do not try to “play it safe” by
selecting an activity that is not new or different enough to challenge you (e.g., you already surf
and choose paddleboarding as a new activity, you are a guitarist and choose banjo lessons, etc.).
Do something truly new and different. What you have you always wanted to try, but haven’t yet
had the opportunity? This assignment is that opportunity!
View your experience of this activity through the lens of a leisure anthropologist. Your analysis
will include reflecting on your own thoughts and feelings during this activity, observing and
describing how others engage and interact within this activity, and examining the role of culture in
your experience. Be careful not to presume to understand other’s experiences, unless you explicitly
ask and they willingly share. Also, consider who is not there, who is not experiencing this, and the
possible explanations of why. We live in a complex and dynamic world that is constantly formed,
informed, and controlled through social norms and expectations. This assignment presents an
opportunity to critically assess and expose these influences.
1) Select and make plans to participate in a leisure activity that you no prior experience with.
2) Engage in the activity and take pictures to document your participation.
3) During or immediately after your leisure experience, generate a page of ‘field notes’ to
capture your reactions to the following:
a) Describe the emotional and cognitive experience of participating and learning about an
unfamiliar activity. Was this process uncomfortable? Embarrassing? Empowering?
Enjoyable? All or none of the above? What did you think and feel in the moment?
b) Describe the culture related to this activity. In other words, describe the unique
vocabularies, apparel, behaviors, and/or social networks associated with this activity. Did
you feel accepted by that culture when you first began your participation? Did you feel more
a part of the culture at the end of your participation? Why or why not? How did culture
influence your overall experience?
c) Did you experience flow while participating in this activity? Why or why not?
(see p. 46-47 in your textbook for a definition of flow)
d) What other concepts from the course material relate to your experience of this activity?
What insights, if any, did you gain from this assignment?
find more resources at
find more resources at
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