REC 340 Lecture 1: Ernest Atwell Outline

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26 Sep 2017
Tommy Brockmeyer, Kelsie Christensen, Sam Moreno & Taylin Strong
Rec. 141
Professor Pilar
7 September 2017
Pioneers in Recreation- Ernest Atwell Outline
Taylin Strong- Introduction & background of Atwell
Bettered recreational opportunities for minorities in 1st half of 20th century
Accomplished by negotiations, surveys, teachings, and trainings
Born in Harlem, New York in 1878
14 years old- started to work and gained experience in business procedures and
1900- joined the Tuskegee Institute
Samantha Moreno- Work History w/ Geographic Region
President of Alabama State Business League
Began as an assistant to the food administrator of Alabama
Moved up positions and lead the national campaign for wartime conservation of
food in Washington
Aimed towards African American Population
1919 he joined the Playground and Recreation Association of America (PRAA)
Now known as the National Recreation Association
1920 lead the Associates Bureau of Colored Work
Held the positions for 29 years .
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