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Lecture 1

AAS 201 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Asian American Political Alliance, American Imperialism, United Farm Workers

Asian American Studies
Course Code
AAS 201
Kelly Fong

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The Asian American Movement (AAM)
- AAM as part of a roader struggle i 96’s agaist rais, oppressio, ad poer.
- Particularly inspired by Black Power movement and Black Panther Party.
- Used phrases suh as self-deteriatio ad sere the people.
- Included students and community activists on college campuses and in community.
Asian American Political Alliance (AAPA)
- Formed May 1968 as part of the Third World Strike at UC Berkley
- Meers ere iredily dierse, so it is’t oly aout AA’s and AA issues.
- AAPA was organized explicitly as a political organization.
- Members had experience with United Farm Workers and Black Panther Party.
- AAPA co-fouder Yuji Ihioka oied the ter Asia Aeria as a olletie idetity ter
including different Asian ethnic groups.
o This is also called an umbrella identity or panethnic identity; this was done so the group
activates more members, so they have a larger movement.
o Also the thought about not embracing a name that was imposed upon them.
Third World Liberation Front (TWLF) and Ethnic Studies
- Multiraial oalitio i the 96’s that alled for self-determination for Third World people and the
end of US dominance.
o Self-Determination being able to control aspects in everyday life free from external forces.
- Strike at San Francisco State College in 1968, first longest student strike in history
o Demanded Ethnic Studies courses and a college; open admissions; self-determination.
o Won College of Ethnic Studies.
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