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Lecture 7

AAS 201 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Environmental Racism, Battery Recycling, Arsenic Contamination Of Groundwater

Asian American Studies
Course Code
AAS 201
Kelly Fong

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White Supremacy
- Exide
o Battery recycling plant in Vernon, CA.
o Lead and arsenic contamination due to pollution in soil, water, and air.
o This particular plant operated without proper permits for 37 years, violating
environmental regulations.
o Exide was fined numerous times since 2003 for violations.
o Facility closed in 2015 to avoid federal charges.
o Testing and clean up since 2014, and is ongoing.
- Pulido
o Link between white supremacy and environmental racism through regulatory
Awareness Exide is aware but continues to pollute; prioritizes financial well-
being over health.
Taking Cost of business shifted to neighbors rather than upgrading facilities.
Racial Superiority Eide’s atios ipl eighors are epedale as low-
income, mostly immigrant Latinos.
- Leonardo
o Need to look beyond white privilege and examine white supremacy.
o Relationship between white privilege and white supremacy to maintain position of racial
- White Privilege and White Supremacy
o White Privilege benefits for whites or those who pass as whites.
Racially segregated housing, wealth, jobs, schools.
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