ENGL 113B Lecture 5: Dating Spider man

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Dating Spider man. Dating Spider man is the act of ending and beginning a paragraph with quotations, leaving the reader confused because of the sudden change of topic or context. Your research paper structure is good overall but I felt like I was dating Spiderman for the middle two paragraphs. Try to connect them better with a conclusion and an introduction. Writers can forget that their readers are sometimes just as annoyed at writing that fails to follow conventions as drivers are when stuck behind a car that fails to move over. In other words, theres something similar between these two people: the knowledgeable driver. Although starting off or ending with a quote in a body paragraph is annoying, doing it in the introduction is totally fine. Any type of writer can use a quote to begin or end their introduction to draw the reader into their piece. The readers thoughts on the subject being spoken of can not be completely accurate considering they only have half of the story so far. Not explaining the quote thoroughly, until the end will make the readers minds start to wander off with several different conclusions. Make sure you are embedding a quote to support your own idea and not the idea already given in the quote. Make your idea flow into the quote. The cliff hanger he leaves frustrates the person and leaves them clueless of what to think of the statement. In writing, it is considered an annoyance when you state the quote at the beginning of a body paragraph. Good writers aim to engage readers, not annoy them. Here are some ways we inadvertently turn readers off by mishandling evidence and other information from external sources. Takes a component of writing that appears small or insignificant and helps the writer discover the deeper meaning and see the larger picture. Step 1: Start the interpretive process by filling in the blank (the x) in the statement this subject seems to be about subject. Step 2: Pose another interpretive possibility by finishing the sent. Step 3: Repeat this process a number of times to provoke new interpretive leaps. Step 4: Choose what you think is the best formulation for Y and write a paragraph expanding on it more. Imagine driving and an armadillo runs out into the street in the way of your car. You, the driver stopped suddenly short by the unexpected barrier. The passengers hear buhbump and you exclaim But that armadillo I didnt see it! It just came out of nowhere! This helps the reader stop thinking of the most obvious, making the implicit explicit and come up with multiple meanings. Proper citation of quotes will make your paper sound better and your argument stronger. An annoyance is the tendency writers sometimes have of starting or ending paragraphs with quotations. This isnt technically wrong, and there are situations when the effect of surprise is what youre going for. But often, a paragraphbeginning or paragraphclosing quotation feels rushed, unexplained, disjointed.
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