ENGL 113B Lecture 8: How passing class is harder than failing this.

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California State University-Northridge

Lecture 8. How failing is harder than passing class. Many students will avoid working hard in a class that they see as challenging because of the risk involved. If they work hard and fail, then theyve proven their inadequacy. But if they dont work hard and manage to get a D, then their pride remains intact and they havent lost anything. Thats the reason why, in my class, I make failing harder work than passing. Students who are content to score at or below 60 percent are faced with extra work that they would not have to do if they were scoring just ten points higher. This cycle helps students begin to understand that, if they can do the work required to get 70 percent, its not much more work to get an even higher grade. And the progress is addictive. This is not a canned curriculum. I write my own tests, quizzes, test maps, intervention worksheets, homework assignments, and labs. I use sample questions from the state tests as a guide for the types of questions to include on my exams. I do all of the grading and fill out the test maps by hand. Its time consuming, and I have to take work home with me every single day. I do my grading while my own children do their homework. While this learning cycle works, it requires a lot of effort. I think the final result is worth all of that effort. Students who score below 90 percent but have still passed the assessment may also go through this cycle. Many students in the 7089 percent band opt to do the intervention and retake the test. In some courses, all it takes to pass an exam is note taking, memorization, and recall. However, exceeding in a math class takes a different type of effort. You cannot simply show up for a lecture and watch your instructor talk about math. You learn it by doing: paying attention in class, actively studying, and working through problems even when your instructor hasnt assigned you any. If you find yourself struggling to do well in your math class, then read these math study tips to find out how you can become a better math student. Writing college term papers is easy when you know what youre doing. As someone who writes for a living, Ive written countless term papers. The result is that Im now an expert at writing them. With this knowledge, I know I can share and itll benefit students looking to have their term papers written right the first time. While some believe that the real problem is how much finals are worth, others believe that the problem lies not within the test but in the test taker. Some professors believe that if a student is really relying on the final to pass a class, its probably because they actually lacked a diligent work ethic throughout the semester.
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