HSCI 231 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: High-Deductible Health Plan, Preferred Provider Organization, Health Savings Account

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10 Sep 2018
Chapter 2 Notes
Average annual healthcare in US per person
Third Party Payer System
US healthcare system
Indemnity/fee for service model
Managed care model
decreased access to care
shorter physician office visits
higher co-payments
restrictions on choice of doctor
Affordable Healthcare Act
evolution, not revolution
more (not all) Americans receive healthcare
requires insurance companies to expand coverage
increases coverage of poor/near-poor
states will cover exchanges where employers and individuals can buy insurance
reduction in some medicare payments (from gov. to hospital)
Types of health Insurance
purchased and subsidized by employers or individuals
Public Health Insurance
medicare (from gov.)
Medical (state)
Veterans Administration
Department of Defense
Bureau of Indian Affairs
Managed Care Plans
Preferred provider organization
Point of Service
Health Maintenance organization
High deductible health plan with a health savings account
Factors to consider when choosing a plan
preexisting medical conditions
need for services that may not be covered (psychotherapy, alternative therapies, etc.)
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