PSY 150 Lecture 3: psych. midterm #3 study guide

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PSY 150

CHAPTER 9 Extrinsic motivation A desire to do something because of external goals Intrinsic motivation A desire to do something because of internal goals Need Hierarchy: an arrangement of needs, in which basic survival needs must be met before people can satisfy their needs Maslows theory Ultimate goal: selfactualization (Brain region most associated with fear? Amygdala!) 1. Fear response 2. Processes the emotional significance of stimuli and generates immediate emotional and behavioral reactions 3. Damage= cannot determine facial expression, unusually friendly with strangers Primary emotion shared across cultures and evolutionarily adaptive (Fear, happiness, anger, sadness) Secondary emotion blends of primary emotions (Remorse, shame, guilt, anticipation) GRIT People with grit have a deep passion and a willingness to keep working toward goals, even in spite of hardships and pitfalls Shown to be a significant predictor for the grades of college students. CHAPTER 10 Transgender Occurs when an individuals gender identity contradicts their biological sex Genderqueer Others dont feel or think they are particularly male or female, or their gender identity may change. The term genderqueer is used to describe this gender identity. Gender stereotypes most commonly held beliefs about genders Sexual orientation Our enduring sexual, emotional, and romantic attraction to others Can be viewed on a continuum Heterosexual: attracted to people of another sex Homosexual: attracted to people of the same sex Bisexual: attracted to people of the same and another sex (BOTH) Asexual: does not experience sexual attraction but may experience emotional andor romantic attraction
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