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Lecture 2

RS 100 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Mary Douglas, Islamic Terrorism, Emic And Etic

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Religious Studies
Course Code
RS 100
Amanda Baugh

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What’s in a Name Lecture
Why do we name things as religion and not religion?
How and why do we use the term religion?
There is power behind defining religion and other peoples beliefs
Define an object of study
The names we give things tell you more about the namer than the thing being named
Mt Everest, despite the word Everest having nothing to do with the mountain,
tells us that despite the fact that it is in India, at the time of it being named it was
under British control, therefore named after a British leader/surveyor
Chomolungma: Mother Goddess of the Universe (Tibet)
Sagarmatha: Goddess of the Sky (Nepal)
When we classify things it's not neutral, we all have one uniform name for different
objects but only because that's what's given for us
People say that they don’t care about names of things when it’s not relevant to their
everyday life but if we changed the name of CSUN to 99 Cent University, people would
be upset and want the name changed
^^^^^ Is it because it's irrelevant to our lives?
Mary Douglas: “Dirt is matter out of place”
Hair is beautiful on someone's head but not in my sandwich
Positionality: Are you an insider or an outsider in a culture or society? The way your
experiences shape the way you interpret; point of view
Emic: Insider perspective (me)
Etic: Outsider perspective (they)
Religions have a time and a place
Academic Neutrality: Faith hat- believe is number one truth Scholarly hat- have to think of all as
Study people, not their religion
3 Minute Essay:
What’s the difference between an academic and a personal approach to the study of religion?
Because every religion has so many different, decipherable elements to it, there is no
way for an outsider to believe that any one religion is the true religion, because with saying that,
you are saying that the certain religion is one that you believe in and then you have a personal
anecdote to why you believe in it. When it comes to “true Islam”, there is no way for a scholar of
religion to decide what Islamic terrorists view as their beliefs. Even though terrorism is a terrible
thing, no one has the right to say that it’s not truly what those people believe in, because to
them, religion isn’t just believing in gods and a higher power, it’s about how they live their lives.
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