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Lecture 8

RS 100 Lecture 8: RS100 Lecture 8

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Religious Studies
Course Code
RS 100
Kenneth Todd

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The Ultimate Review Guide
RS 100 Edition
By: Navid Hariri
Lecture #8
Giambatista Vico
(The smarty pants)
Vico was not discovered by northern Europeans until after a century after his death
Published a book called New Science
Aspired to put human studies on a scientific bases as secure as the natural sciences had
Developed a new way extracting historical knowledge
Had 4 major thesis
1. Religion is made by human beings
2. Its cause can be scientifically described (religion can be understood using science)
3. Religion is a necessary and universal part of historical, social, existence
4. Religion evolves in an irreducible interactions among humans nature, language, and
Said religion is at the bases of common institutions and laws of nature
Man can only understand facts
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