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Lecture 29

HIST 1061 Lecture 29: Claudius and Nero

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HIST 1061
Travis Rupp

Claudius and Nero Caligula only kept Claudius alive as a jester and would often throw books at him. Claudius was lame and had several other ailments and was therefore mocked by the Senate and Caligula. After Caligulas death, the Senate decided to systematically kill his entire family killed except Claudius. Claudius was found hiding behind a curtain and somehow convinced the Prateorian Guard to keep him alive. He then became emperor from there. However, Claudius was actually a very smart man and a great emperor. He wrote 30 books on the Etruscans. He was not a strong military leader however because nobody truly respected Claudius as a ruler. However, he conquered Britain unlike his predecessor Caligula. He improved Romes infrastructure by building a better system of aqueducts, a system called the Aqua Claudia. The Aqua Claudia incorporated arches to make the aqueduct system more efficient. He also built a harbor in an important trade city Ostia. The people and the military loved him but the Senate despised him and viewed him as an illegitimate heir to the throne. Claudius marries Agrippina (his niece) who many believed poisoned Claudius so her son (Claudius adopted son) Nero could rule Rome. Many thought her marriage to Claudius was strictly a power play so that her son could rule Rome while she controlled Rome from behind the scenes. Nero was 17 at the time. He was a ruthless and an extremely evil emperor. He first killed Britannicus, Claudius actual son so he would have no opposition of power. He grew tired of his overbearing mother Agrippina and thought she had too much power over him. He attempted to kill her several times including in a weird shipwreck incident. Finally, she was killed when the guards captured her. She ordered them to stab her in the womb because this damn thing bore
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