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Lecture 37

HIST 1061 Lecture 37: 3rd Century Crisis

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HIST 1061
Travis Rupp

3 Century Crisis After the fall of the Severan Dynasty, there was extreme bloodshed and turmoil in Rome known as the 3 Century Crisis. There were 25 emperors in a span of 50 years, most were assassinated, nobody wanted to be emperor during this time. The north decides to attack and begins picking at Romes boundaries. The only emperor during this time with slight success was Gallienus. He attempted to bring back some stability to Rome but he died of an illness at a young age and had no successor. The boundaries continued to rapidly shrink as Rome spun into a free fall. The Sasaninian Empire began to grow and wiped out the Parthians adding to Romes laundry list of problems. They began encroaching on Roman territory. Trajan made it illegal to hunt down Christians unless they were opposing the Empire. Christians became the scape goat for Romes problems. Then, a plague struck Rome and it killed 5,000 people a day. There was extreme famine and crumbling transportation due to Romes crumbling infrastructure. Romes coinage was worth nothing by this time. If not for Diocletian, Rome would have fallen. Diocletian is a freedmen making him the first emperor to come from a family of slaves. He institutes the tetrarchy system, which means four emperors ruled at once. His coemperor was Maximian. The two ruling emperors were called Augusti and the two understudies were the Caesars. The Caesars were groomed to rule after the Augusti died. He wanted the public to know all 4 emperors were united and unbreakable. In his art, he is often shown hugging the other 3 emperors to signify their unbreakable unity. Diocletian divided Rome into smaller sections called Diocies. Then, he split the empire in two. Diolcetian controlled the eastern provinces, or eastern Rome, and Maximian controlled the
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