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Lecture 23

ITAL 1500 Lecture 23: ITAL1500May22017

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ITAL 1500

May 2, 2017 Pizza day on Thursday! Italian Soccer (Calcio) Student Presentation History- Ancient Soccer Alternative forms of football began in ancient Italy Calcio- kick; kind of a violent and aggressive game, lots of fighting, still sometimes played today. Calcio Storico- the Medici family played this Calcio Storico happens every June in Florence. The players dress up and follow the medieval rules. Modern variation was brought to Italy in the 1880s History-Italian National Football Team National football team is known as Gli Azzurri, and they’re the second most successful national team in the world Well known for their Catenaccio- tactical backline defense Coined the name “squadra azzurra” (blue squad) from their uniforms Represents ‘House of Savoy’ dynasty and unification of Italy in 1861 Today- Serie A and Serie B Serie A is the professional team Juventus, Inter Milan, A.C. Milan Juventus if from Turino/Turin Juventus is the top team in Serie A league, they’ve run a record 32 titles in the Serie A league Gianluigi Buffon (Gigi Buffon)- Famous goalkeeper for Juventus Italy’s starting goalkeeper for 4 world cups, $20 million net worth Paolo Maldini- The Myth, The Legend, The Maldini, Over 1000 senior games Andrea Pirlo- Most recognizable face of Italian soccer Known as “the architect”, “Mozart”, “The Professor”, and “The Metronome” Soccer in Italian Culture Stadio San Paolo is where the Italian team Juventus plays, capacity of 60,000 Stadium Olympiastadion in Berlin is where the 2006 World Cup was held Traditions- Very loud, people paint faces, wear costumes, wear the color of the team they favor. Goal Kick Chant is a tradition People tailgate before the games: they eat food, drink, and kick a ball around If their team wins, people will party in the streets and throughout the night. They stream and project the football games in every piazza so people can watch it outside Brazil has won the most world cups, Italy has won the 2nd most. Lamborghini Student Presentation- Ferruccio Lamborghini- Born as the son of a farmer in Emilia-Romagna Lamborghini started initially as a tractor company due to Ferruccio’s agricultural experience “Lamborghini Trattori” was founded in 1947 Tractors were created by repurposing leftover Italian Military vehicles in WWII Used English engines from a brand called Morrison Tough engines were converted to cheap diesel fuel instead of expensive petrol Early Beginnings of Lamborghini- After military remodled tractors, feruccio expanded by purchasing a warehouse in Cento with workers funded by parents farm Offered new engines: Dodge, Morris, and Perkins Early beginnings- T
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