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Class Notes for PHYS 1110 at University of Colorado - Boulder

General Physics 1

PHYS 1110 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Dot Product, Friction, Chemical Energy

find more resources at EW-1 Work and Energy Energy is difficult to define because it comes in many different forms. It is h...

PHYS 1110
PHYS 1110 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Acceleration, Centripetal Force, Centrifugal Force

find more resources at NA-1 Some Applications of Newton’s Laws. In this chapter, we get some practice applying Newton’s laws ...

PHYS 1110
PHYS 1110 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Net Force, English Units, Kilogram

find more resources at N-1 Newton's Laws: Forces and Motion A force is a push or a pull. A force is a vector : it has a magnitud...

PHYS 1110
PHYS 1110 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Projectile Motion, Mississippi Highway 1, Vme Extensions For Instrumentation

find more resources at 2D - 1 Motion in 2D Velocity and acceleration are vectors. They can have any direction. When we a...

PHYS 1110
PHYS 1110 Lecture 2: Vector Math

Vectors1 Vectors A vector is a mathematical object consisting of a magnitude (size) and a direction. A vector can be represented graphically by an arrow: direction of arrow = direction of vector length of arrow = magnitude...

PHYS 1110
PHYS 1110 Lecture 1: 02_Motion1D

1D 1 Motion in one dimension (1D) In this chapter, we study speed, velocity, and acceleration for motion in onedimension. One dimensional motion is motion along a straight line, like the motion of a glider on an airtrack....

PHYS 1110
Thermodynamics - Reference Guides

This detailed and well structured Guide builds upon the Physics principles defined in its companion Guides. The basic concepts are clearly and concisely defined and the laws of Thermodynamics are clearly articulated. Graph...

CHEM 11100
All Professors
Physics - Reference Guides

This Guide is an aid to understanding one of the essential ‘hard’ sciences. Concepts such as mechanics and magnetism are explained in clear terms, aided by a number of useful examples and equations. The Guide provides the ...

Basic Engineering
BE 1101
All Professors

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