PSYC 3222 Lecture 13: Chapter 9 - 4/18 & 4/20

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PSYC 3222
Karen Crawford

Chapter 9 418 420 Tuesday, April 18, 2017 8:03 AM ShortTerm and Long Term Memory Compared STM is: An active, continuing process Easily disrupted by ongoing activities Highly limited in capacity STM retrieval is either immediate and automatic or does not occur LTM is: A more passive process Not easily disrupted by ongoing activities Essentially unlimited in capacity LTM retrieval may be considerably slower and more groping Explicit and Implicit Memory Explicit memoriescan be remembered and verbalized Declarative memory is conscious Implicit memories, although they involve things that one knows, cannot be remembered and verbalized Physiological evidence Amnesiacs remember processes, not facts Alzheimers victims Gradual Frontal lobe backwards Two Kinds of Declarative Memory: Semantic and Episodic Semantic Memory general, stable, abstract facts and principles Episodic memory private knowledge that is temporal in nature and tied to specific personal events Forms of Longterm Memory Explicit (declarative) with conscious recall Semantic: Facts general knowledge Episodic personally experienced events Implicit (nondeclarative) Procedural: Skills motor and cognitive Dispositions classical and operant conditioning effects A Model of Memory Sensory Memory momentary sensory impression; lasts a
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