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Lecture 8

ESCI 1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Oxygen Mask, SmogPremium

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Environmental Science
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Mary Poffenroth

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This entire write up should be a minimum of 250 words.
1. What were your thoughts about the videos? There is no right or wrong answer here, just your
own personal thoughts.
2. Think about the connection of art and science. How is that showcased in these videos?
3. Did these videos have an impact on you? Why or why not?
I think the concept behind Oxygen: Not for Sale is absolutely brilliant. The media is
constantly telling us about smog and how dangerous it is, but I think people have a very hard
time imagining what a world full of smog would actually be like and look like. It is easy for
people to ignore something that is not here yet, but we have to work on fixing our environment
before the images in the photoshoot become the reality. I like that VonWong explained the
reason he did the photoshoot, and even gave some statistics on smog. He explained a little bit
about how smog is created and the impact it can have on the human body and our planet. The
most impactful part of the photoshoot for me was the images taken of a young baby with an
oxygen mask on. Humans have a natural instinct to care for the youngest members of our
society, so to see a baby having to use an oxygen mask in order to breathe in this future world
really made an impact on me, and hopefully others as well. I think that for a lot of people,
especially those who can’t afford an education or never had the opportunity, science can be a
very difficult thing to grasp. If people are struggling to put enough food on the table, thinking
about data points concerning smog is not a top priority. But when put into art like this
photoshoot, it becomes clear to people that fighting for our future is something that has to
happen now, before our potential smog-filled future becomes our reality.
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