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Lecture 11

ESCI 1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Olive OilPremium

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Environmental Science
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Mary Poffenroth

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Ten Things I Can Do:
1. I would like to use less non-reusable containers, especially on campus, even though it is
the easier thing to do
2. Despite it costing more, I want to put money aside to shop at the farmer’s market near me
3. I need to get better at turning the water off while shampooing, even though the warm
water is just so nice
4. I need to get my family back to using rags rather than paper towels, in defiance of my
mom’s new found love of paper towels
5. I never ever use aerosols but want to convince my family to switch over to liquid olive oil
rather than that Pam spray
6. I want my sister to take me thrift shopping with her, so I can learn how to dress with
reusable clothes
7. I have to remember to put my reusable bag back in my car after I use it, so I stop having
to take paper ones from the store
8. I want to save up all the paper bags I do use and reuse them rather than throw them away
9. I would really like to get my work to recycle more, they are absolutely horrible at
recycling because they don’t have any bins in the building!
10. My ultimate goal is to convince my boyfriend’s family to stop buying pack upon pack of
plastic water bottles and start using refillable ones, drives me absolutely insane
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