ACT 215 Lecture 1: Seminar Paper

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November 7, 2017: i decided to choose basketball the sport i wanted to focus on because i can relate to it. Rose"s legacy in chicago personally and have a pretty good insight about it. I am going to mainly focus on the life of. Derrick rose and specific of his evolution in the game of basketball. D. rose was born and raised in chicago and his depart was supported by some and despised by others because he decided to leave his hometown. For one of the first time in rose"s storybook career, he didn"t have the full support of everyone around him. For an amazingly talented 24-year- old who was always trying to please everybody, he now realized that wasn"t possible. Rose chose to sit out the final season he was with the bulls because of the severity of his injuries and he wanted to be in the best shape when he returned.