ACT 215 Lecture 9: Response_ Requiem For a Heavyweight

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Response: requiem for a heavyweight: the sport of boxing definitely affected the lives and experiences of the characters. In a sense to mountain, boxing was his whole life and that was the only thing he really knew how to do. Maish army on page 20 were talking about the bad position. Maish starts with, i said mountain wouldn"t go four. army is dead silent until he finally says, helluva big disappointment, huh? maish remarks, You knew he was over hilli needed the dough and i figured this was the one way to get it. God, what a prince of a guy you are meish. this was a clear representation of maish being selfish and army"s remark was purposely sarcastic as he was trying to diminish maish because of the inconsiderate decision he made. Not only did he bet against his own player but also karma smacked him in the face and wiped out his savings.