ANT 102 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Street Food

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A History of Future cities
3.5% economic growth rate
o We are growing at less than that
o If they had stayed at this rate instead of going global, how would India
be different?
Changed economic growth was 9-10%
o Currently at about 6%
Disparity of wealth
o Gates surrounding parks
o Slums right outside of skyscrapers
o Repetition of geographies
o Used to be a lot of biodegradable items
Street food would come in clay cups, leaves, etc.
Animals used to survive off of this organic waste
o Now they use what we do
Now animals eat wrappers
Urban cattle are having a hard time because they ingest these
Indian ‘Modernity’ and ‘Tradition’: A Gender Analysis
Modern: technological advances, social changes, things happening today
o Enlightenment ideas
Refocusing of thoughts from religion to science
Power of reason
Focusing on humans
o Technological process
o Secularization
o Liberating yourself from ignorance
o Social Relations
Modern economies promote competition between people
Justifies it as natural
Ongoing tensions
Ghandian ideals; local and no technology
Nehurian; large technological interventions to raise the
Gender perspective and how it opens up the debate about modernity vs.
Where do our values of better and more efficient come from?
o Modernity influence
o Modern values
o Through advertising, British influence, fashion
New ways of wearing Sari’s
Images of the perfect woman
Linked to national identity
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