ANT 102 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Collectivism, Individualism, Signalling Theory

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o Divine experiences
o How they negotiate the outcome of things
o The afterlife
Anthropology is a social science
o Not trying to find the truth
o Not finding the right religion
o *Interested in how a religious system gives meaning to peoples lives
Deciphering and analyzing meaning
o Key Questions/Focuses
How religion influences peoples lives
How cultural trends (political, social, economic) impact
I.e. How does globalization impact religion
How does different aspects of social life fit into religious
o Have existed since the dawn of humanity
Hundreds of thousands of years
o Abrahamic faiths more recent
Islam, Judaism, Christianity
Always changing
Religion is an expression of values at a specific time and place
o Based on creation myths
o Abrahamic faiths
Revelation and historical events
o Hindu
Learn lessons from stories
o Dictating what is acceptable behavior
Gender roles purity, virginity, head coverings, etc.
Food what we can eat and what we can’t eat (kosher, not
eating beef), certain times you can eat or can’t eat (lent,
o Emphasis on cleansing of the body
o Behavior
o Rules about the body
o Beliefs are expressive
Their beliefs can be shown through their practices and rituals
Ex. Healing
Incense, prayers, cleansing, priests at hospitals, etc.
Why do so many people want to leave India?
o Lifestyles of life abroad; ideas about places we have never been
o College
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