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Lecture 6

BLW 202 Lecture 6: 5:8:2017

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DePaul University
Business Law
BLW 202

5/8/2017 Chapter 15: Statute of Frauds→ certain kinds of contracts in order to be enforced must be in writing and signed by the person sought to be charged (the person youʼre suing) ▯. If you die with a will youʼre said to die testate→ Executor/trix→ pay and distribute money to those specified in your will ○ intestate—> without a will→ administrator/trix ▯. suretyship provision ○ ancillary promise to pay the debt of another you must make that promise in writing ○ purpose promises dont need to be in writing ▯. Real estate contracts must be in writing to be enforceable ▯. 1 year provision→ any contract by its own terms that cannot be completed within one year must be in writing ▯. 500/5000→ 500=tangible/5000=intangible ▯. marriage provision ***The writing ○ must identify the parties and specify what the unperformed tasks are and it must be signed ***Exceptions ○ specially manufactured goods ○ admissions in open court ○ delivery acceptance payment Parol Evidence Rule→ once the parties to the agreement reduc
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