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Lecture 5

BLW 202 Lecture 5: 4:25:2017

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DePaul University
Business Law
BLW 202

4/25/2017 Chapter 13: Illegal Bargains ● you cannot sue if the contract you entered into was not lawful ○ empiri directo ● Violations of Statutes ○ if you enter a contract that violates a statute you cannot sue ○ Licensing Statute (Regulatory v. Revenue) ◆ revenue statute: on the books for the purpose of making money ○ Gambling Statute ○ Sunday Statute ○ Usury Statute ◆ if a lender offers an interest rate higher than the set rate and is sued, he will not be able to keep the interest collected ● Public Policy Violations ○ Restraint of Trade ◆ Sale of business ◆ Employment Contracts ○ Exculpatory Clauses ○ Unconscionable Contracts ◆ parties is not dealing with each other at arms length→ one party is much more sophisticated than the other ● Affect of illegality ○ courts leave you as they found you ● Exceptions ○ party is not equally at fault ○ if the contract you enter into is partially legal and partially illegal then courts will only enforce the legal portion ○ excusable ignorance ○ sometimes a party that enters into a illegal bargain sometimes you are protected by a statute Chapter 14: Never enter into a contract with a minor→ said to be voidable ● Exceptions ○ necessaries→ item a minor needs to sustain his position in life (whatʼs a necessary for one may not be a necessary fo
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