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Lecture 2

CMN 101 Lecture 2: The Field of Communication - 9.13

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CMN 101
William Baglia

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The Field of Communication - 9.13 Tuesday, September 13, 2016 10:02 AM 1.1 • Broadly defined • Mass communication (sending a single message to thousandsof people at once): public relations, advertising, journalism, media and cinema studies • Human communication: relational communication,organizationalcommunication, health communication,intercultural communication • Interdisciplinary - a discipline of refugees • Chapter one looks at the relationship between the development of communication systems and citizenship ○ Oral culture  Primary orality ○ Literate culture  Secondary orality ○ Print culture ○ Electronic culture ○ Digital culture • Forms of communication ○ Intrapersonal: internal vocalization and reflective thinking; self-talk ○ Interpersonal: interactive requires two participantsalways requires listening skills ○ Group: three or more participants; often task-focused ○ Public: conveying information to an audience; more s
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