DC 205 Lecture 6: DC 205- week 6 notes

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11 Feb 2017
DC 205 Week 6 Editing
What does an editor do?
Makes decisions about what takes or shots should appear on screen and for how
Linear v. Non-Linear editing
Linear editing- moving shots from original source (ie. Film) to a master, one-by-
one; no use of a computer
Non-Linear editing- Utilizes computers to aid in the editing process; essentially a
digital visual cut-and-paste method
What needs to be edited and assembled?
Take- variations of the same shot
Shot- continuous run of the camera
Scene- series of shots edited together
Sequence- series of scenes with a related idea
Editing to Establish Setting in Classical Hollywood:
Begin with an establishing or master shot- provides setting, usually followed with
closer shots
Cut to medium shot for more detail
Cut to a close up to emphasize a specific detail of character
Editing Transitions:
Fade out/in- last imae goes dark, new image brightens
Dissolve- end of 1 shot merges into beginning of the next; superimposition is
Form Cut of Graphic Match- shape of an object in one shot is matched to shape
in another
Wipe-line- moves across the screen and wipes away the previous image
Elliptical editing- edit to consume less screen time than reality
Overlapping editing- action in one shot is repeated in the next; lengthening
Flash cuts- short bursts of images compressing action into a few seconds
Jump cuts- eliminates a strip of insignificant action
Parallel cuts (cross cutting)- alternating between two actions taking place at
separate locations
Montage- series of images form a larger visual picture
Reaction shot- cut to shot of characters’ reaction to previous shot
Shot/Reverse shot- cut between characters
find more resources at oneclass.com
find more resources at oneclass.com
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