DC 205 Lecture 3: DC 205- week 3 notes

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11 Feb 2017
DC 205 Week 3 Notes- Narratives
Classical Hollywood Narrative
o Follows a specific structure
o Narrative moves toward resolution of the story’s central conflict
o Exposition- pages 1-30 Act 1
o Conflict- pages 30-90 Act 2
o Climax
o Resolution- pages 90-110 Act 3
Exposition (EX)
o Beginning of the story
Main characters
Conflict (CO)
o Rising action
o Increasing intensity
External conflict
Internal conflict
Physical conflict
Emotional struggle
Climax (CX)
o Most intense part of conflict
o Conflict must be resolved
Resolution (R)
o After the climax
Recovery from the climax
Story details are resolved
Secondary events and character stories are completed
Multiple sequences
o Films may have multiple points of EX CO CX R in a flim
o There may be multiple conflicts
Plot v. Theme
o Plot- what happens in the film
o Theme- underlying central concern, or message of the film
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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