DC 205 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Nonverbal Communication, Moscow Art Theatre, Montgomery Clift

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12 Feb 2017
DC 205- Lecture 4- Acting
The “tar “yste
1930s and 40s
Stars under contract to major studios
o Made the most money
o “tudios uilt the up
o Had the biggest audiences
o Tended to play similar roles
o Post WW2- emphasis in realistic styles of acting
o the Method- an internal type of acting
o Developed by Stanislavsky at the Moscow Art Theater
o You ust live the part every oet you are playig it
o Use of emotional recall
o Adopted by Actors Studio in NY
o Faous ethod ators: Marlo Brado, Jaes Dean, Paul Newman, Montgomery Clift
Inside vs Outside Approach
o Inside- feeling/memory effects behavior
o Outside- appearance/behavior effects feeling
Stage vs Film Acting
o Stage
Everyone must see and hear
Projection, big gestures
Relies on the audience
Voice most important form of expression
Scenes done in order
o Voice can be quiet
o More subtle expressions
o Lots of close-ups
o Scenes done in bits and pieces
o Use of more non-verbal communication
Action vs Dramatic Acting
o Action- use of relations, body language, physical exertion, doing
o Dramatic- feeling, thinking, and communicating emotions and thoughts
Impersonators- leave real personality and change voice, personal and physical characteristics
Interpreters/commentators- closely play characteristics that resemble themselves
Personality actors- be themselves, strong personalities
find more resources at oneclass.com
find more resources at oneclass.com
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