DC 205 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Leitmotif

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16 Feb 2017
DC 205-Week 7-Sound and Music
The Sound of Movies
Sound Designer
o Works with the director to shape an overall consistent soundtrack. Oversees
development of sounds.
Sound engineers
o Monitor sound recordings of dialogue during production
Foley artists
o Create and record necessary sounds
Sound Mixers
o Combine dialogue with other sounds and effect tracks
ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement)
o The post-dubbing of dialogue
Music is often composed around the created sounds
Diegetic vs. Non-Diegetic Sound/Music
Diegetic Sound/Music
o A sound that is part of the reality of the story; music within the environment of the
Non-Diegetic Sound or Music
o Sounds/music coming from outside the story world; an underlying score that the
characters can’t hear but we can
Key Film Sounds
Ambient Sound
o A sound which is natural to a scene’s environment
Synchronized Sound
o The image and sound match up
Sound Perspective
o The closer the camera is to the source of sound, the louder the sound
Voice-over narration
o A human voice, off-screen, usually narrating or telling a story in flashbacks
Dialogue/sound overlap
o A line of dialogue or sound continues across a cut
Music can be…
Found during opening credits of a film to establish mood or tone
Used to build or increase tension
Nostalgic - For the character or the audience
A leitmotif - Recurring piece of music for a character
Used to emphasize mood or a character’s inner feelings
An accompaniment to a choreographed action
Used to sell films
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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