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Lecture 8

ARTH 102 Lecture 8: Art History Notes wk8

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Drexel University
Art History
ARTH 102
Gregory Joseph

Rogier van der Weyden; Deposition 1436 One picture that was apart of a whole. Represent the devils something. Christ being brought down from the cross. The virgin identifies with him and its as if she dies. The pose of Christ, and the virgin looks deathly pale. Mary Magdalen weeping over Christ’s bloody feet. Hieronymus Bosch; Garden of Earthly Delights ca. 1480-1515 Left-Garden of Eden; Middle-Garden of Earthly delights; Right-Hell. No reference to Christ or Heaven. God is reaching out extending his blessing. Showing Eve being created, down below is off assortment of creatures. Example of swimming unicorns, strange man creature, two-legged dog, black birds circling through bizarre rock. Fountain of man’s sinful nature is represented in the fountain with the owl. This is all representation of sin. Center panel is a Depiction of human life. Another fountain similar to the one in paradise. Another port whole with dark and creepy. Nude figures walking and swimming around. Four rivers are present. There is a caurasol of animals. Being driven by lust. Being driven by body rather than spirit. They are going nowhere. Women just standing around, naked in the fountain. Birds are a symbol of filth. Music of the court that led to dancing was considered dangerous. Devil on his throw, is a bird eating a human sole consigned to hell. His thrown is a large body chair. Why is the nun being attacked by the hot balloon of lust? There is a prostitute working at an inn. A rabbit hunting a human. The world is upside down and the roles are in reverse Grunewald; Isenheim Altarpiece ca. 1512-15 Monks are running the hospital. Specialize in treating ergistin disease where limbs rots off. Only solution was amputaion. This is placed in front of these patients. He shows them the most gruesome photo of Christ. The saints were tortured by Devils. Sliding doors at the alter piece. The virgin, saint john, Mary magdalen, John the Baptist present. The lamb of God next to John the Baptist, the chalice that we drink wine from. The whole scene is dark. Detailed Virgin is yellow and pale and sweeping arm of John. Look of the grave when you see Christ. Very intense thorn bush when looking at his crown. Left- the Annunciation. Center- Nativity scene Right- Positive outcome of the other two Isenheim Altarpiece (Christ Risen) Albrecht Durer; Self-Portrait 1500 He believes himself to be a creative genius. Square of the shoulders. Gives a subtle clue/ reminder that his hand is starting to form the apostolic lesson. The cloth is in the position of the Vatican. The cloth that supposedly has the image of Christ on it. Albrecht Durer; The Great Piece of Turf 1502 Nature was the platform to act out acts of the Redemption. The Earth is a dangerous place and the haunt of evil. What makes man special is his creative brain. The forms of nature is the exercise of God’s given power. Albrecht Durer; Adam and Eve 1504 Eve is based upon a famous Medici Venus Statue and Adam based off of an Apollo statue. Really interesting underlying idea. Four basic fluids scientists believed were in the human body. Black&yellow bile, blood, phlegm. Elk represents black bile. The cat is a symbol of choleric which is yellow bile; Rabbit, blood, hot blooded and lustful.meaning reactive. The ox is representative of being lazy and shows phlegm. Associated with laziness. In the garden of Eden it was supposed that when god first made God, these for fluids were perfectly balanced. The balance was knocked off center by Adam and Eve. Goes back to Ancient Greek Medical Science. Albrecht Durer; Knight, Dream, and the Devil 1513 Knight making his way throu
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