GSTD T480 Lecture 1: interviewing a students

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16 Jul 2018
You want to hear what this student’s day to day is like.
What kinds of assignments are involved in the coursework?
How many hours per week s/he must devote to studying to be successful?
You will also want to ask how they got to this major.
I decided to interview a second year student that is majoring in international business. The
student name is krishna pital and she was pleased to be interview by me. She stated International
Business is interesting major and enjoy many of her class because they are engaging and they
motivate her to learn. She decided to pursue this major because she like working one to one with
people and she wants to broaden that communication by interaction with people overbroad.
During her first year in drexel she took business, economic, english, math, accounting, and even
some science classes. She enjoy her business classes the most because they were the most
engaging for her.
Everyday she has about 2 to 3 classes and some the lecture are long but interesting to
hear. When she is done with classes, she spends about 3 to 5 hours studying, reviewing everyday.
She claims if you review everyday on what you have learn in class, it really helps you when it
comes to exams. You don’t panic about studying and if you spend few our reviewing lectures
and class works everyday the class seemed easier and less stressful. In additional she does a lot
of project and they most of the time interesting to do. Overall all the classes are not that hard if
you review, study and complete your work everyday.
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