GSTD T480 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Farjana

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16 Jul 2018
Farjana Nipa
Professor Rebecca Goodman
GSTD T180-001
06 June 2017
Dear Freshman,
I would like to share my experience on the First-Year Exploratory program with you. Like many
of you, I was really excited to start my college experience at Drexel University. However, when I
started studying at Drexel I wasn't sure what major would best fit me. Many of you are probably
in the same situation, however, I can assure you that by joining the First Year exploratory
program, you will gain knowledge about different major and about the hidden interests that lie
within you. This program is designed to help find you the right major with the help of teachers,
advisors, and mentor. When I begin this program I wasn’t sure what to expect but after 8 months
of exploring different majors, asking people, and studying and researching on different majors, I
realized what majors interest me the most.
During my first year at Drexel, I have explored many major. During my fall, winter, and spring
semester, I have explored Informational Technology, Business, Chemistry, Health
Administration and Psychology. Even though many of them were interesting classes. I found
Health Administration to be most interesting because it's very engaging, you are able to engage
more with your peers and the information that were taught were understandable and useful.
Classes that are engaging are the one that interests me to learn and if I don’t understand what I
am learning it’s hard to motivate myself to focus in that class and learn important things. When I
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