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Lecture 1

HSAD 332 Lecture 1: vein Central assignmentExam

Health Services Administration
Course Code
HSAD 332

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Marketing Action Plan for:
The Vein Center of Central State
Richard Riccardo, M.D.
1465 Any Road
Any Town, PA 17112
Prepared by: (Farjana Nipa) Date: (03/25/2018)
I. Summary/Situation Analysis (Drawing from the SWOT analysis, list the key facts about the Vein Center’s current business situation? Do
not copy the SWOT analysis into this section)
A. The vein center of central state offers many different kinds of service and is the only clinic offering laser in the central state. The Clinic has seen
continual growth and success. Despite the clinic size Dr. Riccardo, the owner of the clinic, has a large number of patient that have been loyal to
him for years, mainly because his practice is very patient-oriented.
B. The staff at Vein center are very dedicated and ensures that Patient gets the best service. The clinic has an excellent procedural outcome,
however, the clinic has failed to keep track of ROI in the past.
C. Dr. Riccardo is the most experienced clinician doing these procedures in Central State but he lacks marketing initiatives and has failed to
advertise himself and his clinic in the referral community. The clinic lacks its use of social media.
D. As vascular surgery groups are offering more vein treatment services, the competition for The Vein Center has increased but The Vein Center has
the opportunity to set market standard for services that competitors will be compared to. Also as the “Baby Boomers population grows, there will
be an increase in the number of women requiring treatment.
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E. The Vein Center also requires focus on economic condition and declining insurance coverage but the clinic has the opportunity to adjust itself to
the changing market condition.
II. Mission (What is the Vein Center’s mission? Compose one.)
Provide patient with the best quality of care in both vein and laser treatment.
III. Vision (What is the Vein Center’s vision? Compose one.)
Become #1 choice among referral sources and in the community for laser and vein treatment.
IV. Marketing Plan Goals (Increases in: revenue, # referrals, # referral sources, # patients, etc.; improvements in market position, reputation,
visibility, etc.; addition of new marketing methods in the practice e.g., marketing or referral database)
A. Educate the referral community on the uniqueness of The Vein Center of Central State. One of their focus should be becoming #1 choice among
referral sources for laser and vein treatment.
B. keep track of ROI, such as how much profit they gaining from the investment they made on the clinic. It will help them to make a better financial
decision and to better assess the clinic profitability.
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C. Advertise the Vein Center by developing campaign/program and make use of social media like Facebook and Twitter by advertising about the
services and the goals of The Vein Center. They also need to create their own website. Now advertising on social media or online is easy and
convenient. It also easy to get your message to many different people and patients. It can also be a good way to communicate with patients.
D. Increase new patient volume by 20 percent in the next year. Even though the vein center has seen the continual growth they need to ensure that
growth is actually taking place and how they can continue making growth.
E. Act in a fast, flexible, and focused manner to changing market conditions and the declining insurance coverage. Healthcare cost is rising day by
day and health coverages are decreasing. The clinic should work on making care affordable while giving quality care.
V. Target Market Summary (Using your imagination or perhaps your hometown or your current town of residence, do some research and then
describe your version of “Any Town, PA” where the Vein Center is located. What is its size, geography, demographic make-up,
rural-suburban-urban-mixed, residential vs. commercial vs. mixed, working class-poor-wealthy-mixed, etc.?)
A. The Vein Center has located in center city Philadelphia. It is a metropolitan area known to be one of the busiest towns in Philadelphia which
consist of business, shops, hospital, and shopping stores. Philadelphia is the second-largest city on the US's East Coast and it's also one of the
most populous cities in the US. With a continual growth of center city and Philadelphia as a whole, the Vein center has the opportunity to make a
profit, to expand the clinic and to provide quality of care to a large number of people. Even though most of philadelphia population consist of
white (62.2%), center city Philadelphia is also the home of blacks (14%), Asian (10%), Hispanic (7.02%) and more. The Vein is surrounded by a
large concentration of individual between 25-34 of age (29.8%). The average household income is $70,941. Also, the center city has 7,000
graduate and 82.6% Philadelphia are high school graduate or higher.
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