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Lecture 1

HSAD 334 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: FarjanaPremium

1 pages16 viewsSpring 2018

Health Services Administration
Course Code
HSAD 334
Merritt Brockman

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I would like to inform you about the decision that was made during the quality committee
meeting regarding Dr. Monitor. The committee reviewed several cases of Dr.Monitor, who has
been making continuous mistakes in his practice. A detailed review of his cases shows a
devastating pattern of events that display that his practices are not safe for the patient at the
hospital. Despite being well-liked by his partners and his fellow co-workers, a decision had to be
made. Therefore I held an open discussion with Dr.Monitor and his partner and ask Dr.Monitor
to give up his privilege to perform the procedures that are in question. Dr.Monitor cordially
agree to comply with this recommendation. If you have any questions, please let me know.
Farjana Nipa
Chairperson of the department of surgery
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