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Lecture 2

HSAD 335 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: The Philadelphia Inquirer, Farjana, Brain DeathPremium

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Health Services Administration
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HSAD 335
stephen gambesica

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Farjana Nipa
829 N 41st Apt-2F
Philadelphia, PA-19104
May 06, 2018
Tom Avril
The Philadelphia Inquirer
Philadelphia, PA
To the Editor,
I’m writing to respond to your article, “On life support at CHOP for nearly three weeks, 'brain
dead' boy in legal, medical limbo”, May 4, 2018.
In a field where patients are the first priority, it was very surprising to read that a hospital like
CHOP has the right to withdraw life support from a child without the parent will but at the same
time it was interesting to learn that the two neighboring state, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey treat
this issue in two different way. As a student majoring in Health service administration, we are
taught that the patient and their family always comes first. In a case where a child is not
autonomous, a parent should have the first say in their child's health. From my point-of-view,
more states should adopt the religious exemption that New Jersey lawmakers enacted. However
it very sad to learn that even though this exemption is implemented in New Jersey, Areen’
mother, Banerjee struggle to admit Areen into a New Jersey hospital. Even Though the mother
believes that her son still has a chance to live, the hospital and the people who we rely on to save
lives have to second think about admitting this child into their hospital. I understand that a
hospital has to consider several factors before admitting a child in this situation but when a
mother has to call a hospital five time to get help and in return, she doesn’t get any, it obvious
that the New Jersey hospitals lack to give both support and effort in this devastating situation. I
want to thank you on my behalf for writing on such a devastating issue and letting the readers
know how unhelpful some hospitals can be in a devastating situation like this.
Farjana Nipa
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