NFS 203 Lecture 2: NFS 203 Ch 2

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Drexel University
Nutrition & Food Science
NFS 203
Beth Leonberg

NFS 203 Ch 2 Infecundity - Biological inability to have kids after 1 yr unprotected sex Fecundity - Biological ability to have kids Fertility - Actual production of kids Fetus - 8 weeks after conception until birth Subfertile - Reduced level of fertility w/ long time to conception (over 12 months) of repeated pregnancy losses - The capacity of one individual can make up for the diminished potential of the other - Can be diminished via diet, weight and lifestyle improvements - Women who have 2-3 miscarriages - Men who have sperm abnormalities - Women who ovulate infrequently Chances of Pregnancy - 20-25% for healthy couples - 30-50% conceptions lost by resorption into the uterine wall within the first 6 weeks after conception - 9% lost by miscarriage in first 20 weeks of pregnancy - Causes: - Defect in fetus - Material infection - Structural abnormalities of uterus - Endocrine or immunological disturbances Menstrual cycle - First half: follicular phase - Estrogen stimulates hypothalamus to secrete GnRH - GnRH stimulates pituitary gland to release FSH and LH - FSH prompts growth of follicles, stimulates estrogen production within the follicles - LH causes secretion of progesterone which prompt uterine wall to store glycogen and nutrients - Blood levels of FSH and LH are highest prior to ovulation (day 14) and the LH surge causes the release of an ovum from a follicle for ovulation - Second half: luteal phase - After ovulation - Corpus luteum from the original follicle that released the ovum secretes progesterone and estrogen which inhibit production of GNRH - Inhibition of GnRH stops release of FSH and LH and without it, ova within follicles dont mature or release - If ovum isnt fertilized, the hormones of the corpus luteum decline and the GnRH is able to stimulate the release of FSH and LH - Decreased progesterone and estrogen levels cause menstrual flow - Prostaglandins is produced by the uterus and can cause cramps - If ovum is fertilized, it will go to the uterus in 8-10 days - Corpus luteum continues to produce estrogen and progesterone and ceases function in first few months of pregnancy Male Reproduction - Levels of GnRH signal release of FSH and LH which trigger the production of testosterone - Testosterone and androgens stimulate maturation of sperm which is stored in the epididymis - Semen: mix of sperm, secretions of the testes, prostate and seminal vesicle Disruptions in Fertility 1) Adverse nutritional exposure 2) Severe stress 3) Infection 4) Structural problems 5) Chromosome abnormalities Nutrient & caloric intake and body fat affect fertility by: 1) Altering environment for developing sperm and eggs 2) Modifying hormone levels Body Fat and Fertility - Leptin: - Protein that decreases appetite, increases energy expenditure, and stimulates gonadotropin secretion - Elevated by high body fat - Reduced by low body fat Obesity - makes you subfertile with higher levels of estrogen, androgen and leptin - Hormonal changes favor irregular periods, ovulatory failure, anovulatory cycles (menstural cycle where ovulation doesnt occur) , and amenorrhea (absence of menstrual cycle) - Obesity in men is linked to lower testosterone and higher estrogen and leptin which can cause reduced sperm and erectile dysfunction - Increased risk of neural tube defects Low Fat - In an adolescant: - related to delayed menstruation and reduced fertility - In an adult - related to delayed conception, amenorrhea, lower libido, reduced sperm - Risk of early delivery Weight Loss in Normal Weight People - Weight loss exceeding 10-15% weight decreases estrogen, LH, FSH - Results: - Hypothalamic Amenorrhea (weight related amenorrhea) - anovulatory cycle - short/ absent luteal phase - Fixes to improve fertility: - Hormones return to normal when you restore 95% previous weight - Clomid if weight is gained - Use of GnRH, FSH and hormones Nutrients - Antioxidant
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