PLSC 101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Amicus Curiae, Blanket Primary, Voter Registration

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Affirmative action
LBJ's executive order-designed to correct the effects of past discrimination; requirement by law that
positive steps be taken to increase the number of minorities in business, schools, colleges, and labor
Agenda setting
The process of forming the list of matters that policymakers intend to address
A revision/change to a bill, law, or constitution
Amicus curiae brief
Friend of the court; interest groups may be invited to file legal briefs supporting/rejection arguments of
the case
Opposed the adoption of the U.S. Constitution b/c it gave too much power to the national govt at the
expense of the state govts and it lacked a bill of rights
Appellate jurisdiction
On appeal from lower courts-Supreme Court is mostly an appellate court
Distribution of representatives among the states based on the population of each state
Money granted by Congress or to a state legislature for a specific purpose
Articles of Confederation
1st Constitution of the U.S. 1781-1788 (weaknesses-no executive, no judicial, no power to tax, no power
to regulate trade)
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