BIOLOGY 154 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Antibody, T Cell, Blood Transfusion

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15 Sep 2016
5 Koch’s Postulates
Robert Koch
1860s Germany
studied pathogens
examine blood of animals who died of anthrax
caused by bacteria
noticed that rods were absent from blood of healthy animals
comparison / control group correlation
what role do those rods play in disease causation?
wanted to transfer rods to healthy mice to see effect
transferred blood of animal that died of anthrax with a splinter and mouse died next day
dead mouse filled with rods, only a few transferred
suggests that rods grow
created in vitro culture system to watch rods grow and repeated many times
start with correlation and try identify the agent of causation
Koch’s Postulates
1. Pathogen present in all diseased individuals and not present in healthy ones
2. Pathogens can be isolated from host and grown in culture
3. If inoculate isolated pathogen into a healthy host, then should cause disease
4. Reisolate microbe from experimental infection
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