BIOLOGY 207 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Wound Healing, Karyogamy, Zygote

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5 Feb 2017

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Bio 207 Lecture 10
I. Life Cycle of Kelp (Protista, brown algae)
a. Begins with a zygote that goes through mitosis to form a mature organism
b. The mature organism (2n) goes through meiosis to produce spores and not gametes
c. The spores (n) develop through mitosis to form mature gametophytes: one that produces
eggs and one that produces sperm
d. The sperm is released and attached to an egg on an egg-producing gametophyte to form a
fertilized zygote (2n)
e. Diplohaplontic: alteration of generations as haploid and diploid
II. Multicellularity
a. Partitions the body into cells
i. Persistence: life after camete formation
ii. Selection operates on haploid and diploid phases
iii. Increases volume and total area of cell membranesneed endoskeletons, for
greater support
b. Specialized cells into tissues
i. Tissues into organs
ii. Many growing points (meristems)
c. Isolate damaged areas
i. Wound healing, regeneration
d. Large size correlated with life span
i. Occupy more space, can gain access to food, sunlight
ii. Produce more reproductive structures
e. Other approaches?
i. Coenocyte: one big cell; multinucleate slime molds, siphonous green algae
ii. Colony formation: division of labor can be strong to weak; algae, corals > bacteria
iii. Filamentous growth (networks: algae, fungi)
1. Can move things quickly, get food easily
III. Amoebozoa: Mycetozoa (acts like a fungus in many ways, but also like an animal)
a. Plasmodial slime molds: 600 species
b. Sporangia: fruiting stage, when they are getting ready to release spores
c. Life cycle:
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