BIOLOGY 321 Lecture Notes - Lecture 15: Bioassay, Corpus Luteum, Radioimmunoassay

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26 Mar 2017
Primate Sexuality 3/2
Finishing last lecture:
I. Effects of Pregnancy
a. Dotted line down shows what would happen if implantation had not occurreda drop in
b. HCG: human corionic gonadotropin; increased greatly during the first trimester after implantation,
doubling rapidly
i. Signals corpus luteum not to degenerate until placenta takes over
ii. Prevents immunological rejection of implanting embryo
1. In general, just prevents fetal rejection, but impacts thyroid perhaps having other
iii. Produces effects similar to LH
iv. Excreted in such large amounts that it provides a basis for a pregnancy test
c. Oral contraceptive effects
i. Low levels of estrogen and progesterone make sure that there is no surge in FSH and LH
ii. Makes cervical mucous impenetrable to sperm
iii. Changes the lining of the uterus, keeping it thinner
New Lecture
I. Why Study Hormonal Control of Sexual Behavior?
a. Evolutionary impact: affects reproductive output, involves fundamental level at which natural
selection operates
b. Pro social behavior: requires cooperation of another individual modifiable by social context and
by state of individual
i. Study of hormonal impact on desire (social competency, pleasure, attraction, etc.)
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find more resources at
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