COMPSCI 92L Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Hypertext Transfer Protocol, World Wide Web Foundation, Internet Protocol Suite

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11 May 2016
Spring 2016
Lecture 1: History Behind Web/Internet and Deeper Protocol
Web and Internet
first website live on 12/25/90
Free the Internet movement in India developed from Facebook to aid India’s web
censorship and slow connectivity speed problems
Internet - a collection of autonomous systems (AS) and how these networks
connect to each other
networks run themselves, or are run by an entire country, organization,
corporation, entity
ex. Duke’s Internet: AS13371, Pakistan: AS24435
Internet protocol standard - distinction made between names, addresses and
routes, dealing mainly with addresses
name - what we seek
address - where it is
route - how to get there
VPN - Virtual Private Network
IPv4 address: dotted quad
ex. 3 sets of 3 digits followed by 2 digits, 11 digits total
quad: 0-255 since 2^8 = 256
ex. 123.456.789.10
32-bit address, 2^32 = 4 billion Internet addresses - NOT ENOUGH to
sustain all the addresses devices need per person in the world
IPv6: 10^38 addresses, way more than we need
DNS, IP, Names/Numbers
visiting one website can have different IP address depending on what ads and
extensions serve the website you’re on
ex. going from Amazon to look up a textbook, then going to Facebook
and seeing an ad for the same textbook means that Facebook has
access to the previous IP address if Amazon has a Facebook extension
ex. going on Media Technologies Wordpress website w/ Twitter
extension, and then going to Twitter gives connected IP addresses to
ex. Wikipedia can’t do this because it doesn’t have ads, protecting your
privacy and IP address
going incognito doesn’t hide website history from your employer, Internet Service
Provider (ISP) or other websites you visit
Domain Name Service maps name to address
find more resources at
find more resources at
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