COMPSCI 92L Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Border Gateway Protocol, Pagerank, Public-Key Cryptography

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11 May 2016
Spring 2016
Lecture 3: Protocols and Algorithms
popularity index determined by internet traffic
protocols - standards to determine how to make the internet faster, a set of rules to
determine the exchange or transmission of data amongst devices
algorithms - instructions on how to execute a task
On January 27th, Akamai (server provider) prepared an upgrade to core Internet
protocol can increase their server speeds by 30%
Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)
dates from 1974
best effort delivery, copes with errors, missed packets, out of order
packet from A > B
used by www, email, p2p, streaming (Netflix streaming)
Q1: here comes a packet! Q2: i’m ready for your package! Q1: I’m about to send
it! Q2: ok I got it/I didn’t get it, and thus the TCP cycle regenerates again
Ed Felten’s thesis produces an automated protocol b/w two processors
types of protocols:
concussion protocol
ghost protocol
diplomatic protocol - b/w two countries
border gateway protocol - border b/w autonomous systems, gateway to get from
one system to another, ex peering: transmission of traffic b/w two networks and
allows continuous transmission b/w networks
networks built within autonomous systems, border gateway protocol
allows autonomous systems to communicate
increasing service (ex. Netflix) accessibility in untouched countries has an
advantage because it allows service providers to peer between
autonomous systems and increase revenue separately. Netflix does NOT
peer but will pay service providers to stream their content, while users
pay Netflix to use their services.
sequence of steps or rules, reasonably unambiguous (much less so than protocols),
completes a task and solves a problem, abstractions
ex. getting an A in a COMPSCI 92L class is a protocol rather than an algorithm (if
you take CS92L, you’ll more likely get an A than CS201) since it’s non-
ex. search index indexing, pagerank, public key cryptography, error correcting codes,
machine learning, data compression, databases, digital signatures
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find more resources at
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