NEUROSCI 101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Accessory Nerve, Vagus Nerve, Peripheral Nervous System

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17 May 2016
Ch. 3: Neurophysiology: How Neurons Communicate
be able to identify parts of the brain (3 divisions, 5 subdivisions - encephalons,
rostral/anterior, caudal/posterior, superior/dorsal, inferior/ventral) relative to other parts
What structure is caudal to the medulla? spinal cord
What brain region contains the thalamus? diencephalon
What is the main function of the cerebellum? balance and coordination of movement
Peripheral Nervous System
cranial nerves - attached to the brain
motor (efferent)
oculomotor - eye movement
trochlear/abducens - eye muscle
hypoglossal - throat, swallowing
spinal accessory
sensory (afferent)
ex. olfactory, optic
some are both efferent and afferent (2-way highway)
facial - motor b/c controls tear ducts, salivary glands but also
receives sensory info from face
trigeminal - jaw muscles and sensory info coming from mouth and
vagus - provides outgoing motor information to your entire gut,
provides sensory information from your gut as well
what we have to know about the cranial nerves:
vagus nerves - innervates head and neck and gut
some motor, some sensory, some both sensory and motor
don’t run through the spinal cord, input/output directly in brain
memorize optic, olfactory, vagus, auditory
spinal nerves - attached to spinal cord
all are both motor and sensory
if severed, you still have feeling in the extremities (all are 2-way)
31 pairs of spinal nerves
travels in bundles of mixture of sensory and motor fibers
enter from back of spinal cord and exit from front
spinal cord’s intercostal nerves organized according to relative location in
2 general divisions of cranial and spinal nerves:
○ Sympathetic
gets activated during arousal (ex. fighting, fleeing, feeding, fucking), but in
some cases active inhibition occurs (ie activation can sometimes turn
nerves off)
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