NEUROSCI 101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Neocortex, Donepezil, Cupcake

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17 May 2016
Ch. 13 Neural Basis of Memory (con’t.)
Pre-Lecture Questions:
I trained a rat for several days to learn to find a platform in a water maze task until it was
very good at the task, then I gave the rat 2 days off from training. On the 3rd day I gave
the rat an NMDA receptor blocker prior to testing it on the task? Would its performance
be better, worse or the same as on the last day of training?
Since the NMDA receptor is responsible for learning, the rat has already learned
the location of the platform. Blocking the NMDA receptors in the hippocampus
will deplete long-term knowledge, but won’t affect the rat’s ability to locate the
platform since it’s old knowledge.
AMPA receptors
How is LTP like learning (3 lines of reasoning)?
correlational observations - time course of LTP similar for memory formation
somatic interventions - pharmacological treatments that block LTP impair
behavioral interventions - training an animal in a memory task can induce LTP
What new memory types could HM still acquire?
implicit/nondeclarative memory - HM could still be primed (neocortex) or classical
conditioning (amygdala, cerebellum)
working memory - very short time, could repeat back stream of digits
procedural memory - HM could still perform the mirror-tracing task after learning
episodic memory - could still remember childhood events prior to the
hippocampal surgery (explicit memory defined in medial temporal lobe and
some of HM’s amygdala was removed, but still able to remember emotionally-
related events such as 9/11 and the relationship b/w him and his researcher
(example of classical conditioning)
Impact of HM
provided support for distinction b/w short-term (working) and long-term memory
distinguished that LTM was not stored in the hippocampus, since HM could still
retain older memories that occurred prior to his surgery
provided support of distinction b/w implicit and explicit memory
since HM had normal implicit memory but only small traces of explicit memory,
there was a distinction
highlighted importance of medial temporal lobe structures to the formation of long-
term explicit memory v retrieval
first evidence of multiple memory systems w/ different neural substrates
How is LTP in hippocampus related to memory overall?
● encoding
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