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Lecture 5

PHILO-120 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Noble Lie, Luxurious, Heredity

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Intro to Philosophy
Fall 2018
The Ideal State; Justice in the City and the Soul
Notes on Construction of Ideal City
Nature of the Guardians
Education of the Guardians
Noble Lie
Justice in the City and in the Individual
Founding Principle of Plato’s Utopia
We aren’t al born alike, but each one of us differs somewhat in nature from the
others, one being suited to one task, another to another” (370a8-b1)
“.. more plentiful and better-quality goods are more easily produced if each
person does one thing for which he is naturally suited” (370c3-5)
“Surely we agreed, if you remember, that it’s impossible for a single person to
practice many crafts or professions well” (374a5-7)
Basic ideal of Plato’s Ideal City:
Given the nature of each individual, that individual is suited to do one
Each citizen should do the work for which s/he is naturally suited.
Ex: shopkeeper, gardener, lawmaker
Individuals have particular natures or essence to fit one particular task or
Each individual will do he or she will naturally will do.
Perhaps, Plato might be thinking too narrowly of humans’ capacity.
Crucial to his argument for Justice in the individual.
Dogs are philosophical animals, according to Plato, because they respond
differently to people that they know and people that they don’t know
The Ideal City
Luxurious” City
Guardians (soldiers) needed to protect city
What makes someone suited to become an guardian?
Nature of Guardians
Nature of Guardians similar to that of dogs
.. gentle as can be to those he’s used to and knows, but the opposite to
those he doesn’t know (375e1-2)
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