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Lecture 7

PHILO-120 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: False Statement

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Intro to Philosophy
Fall 2018
Justice in the City
“I think our city, if indeed has been correctly founded, is completely good …
clearly, then, it is wise, courageous, moderate, and just” (427e3-4)
Wisdom: good judgement with respect to political matters, found in
Courage: power to preserve beliefs about what is to be feared
Moderation (temperance): control of the city by the rulers
Justice: “doing one’s work and not meddling with what isn’t one’s own”
Question: Does the soul have the three parts in it or not?
Distinction between Parts
Parts of the soul- appetites, reason, and spirit - distinguished by appeal to proper
objects & functions
Appetites: thirst, hunger, deerasire for sex
Reason: learning, knowledge
Spirit: anger, courage
There are three parts of the soul because there are three parts of the city.
Reasons for division of the parts of the soul is: the same thing cannot undergo
opposites at the same time in the same respect.
Division of the Soul
“Do we learn with one part, get angry with another, and with some third part
desire the pleasures of food, drink, sex, and others that are closely akin to them?
Or when we set out after something, do we act with the whole of our soul, in each
Answer based on principle: it is obvious that the same thing will not be willing
to do or undergo opposites in the same part of itself, in relation to the same thing,
at the same time So if we ever find this happening in the soul, we’ll know that we
aren’t dealing with one thing but many
Roles of Women
Women avoided tasks reserved for men.
Relations with women kept in the background.
Women are separate from politics and public affairs and the call to action.
Family and Society (Despite women are weaker than man, …)
1. Men and women have same natures
2. Men and women have same natures must have same education
3. Men and women with the same natures must do the same work
4. Marriage
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