ANTH 2010 Lecture 8: Netsilik Eskimo Exam Guide

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11 May 2017
Netsilik Eskimo
Inuit’s are composed of 17 sub-divsions
o Netsilik is one of them
Netsilik: North Carolina | Inuit’s: America
Netslingmiut seal people
Central Inuit
o Fewer tools and weapons
o Less established than the Inuit of Greenland
Found across artic region of N.A.
o Greenland, Artic Canada, Alaska, Siberia
o Inuit people
not numerous
still many left today
o Physical appearance:
Tend to look more of the Asian descent
o Mostly eat meat, but not always
Consumed cud and caribou
o Hunt and gather
Drawn to ocean
Fishing weir
Cage set up to catch fish
Salman trout, lake trout (primary), and
Also used bow and arrow
Divided into SIX bands
Band: group of families that move and hunt
o occupy territory where members of band
have preferential use of all resources
o named after someone or where they lived
find more resources at
find more resources at
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