BIOL 2130 Lecture Notes - Lecture 13: Signet Ring Cell, Loose Connective Tissue, Lamina Propria

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28 Mar 2017
oHighly compressible
Forms cushion like discs between vertebrae of the spinal column
Dense connective tissue (dense fibrous tissue)
oMain matrix element is collagen fiber
oFibroblasts are cells that make fibers
Tendons- attach skeletal muscle bone
Ligaments- attach bone to bone at joints and are more elastic than
Dermis- lower layers of the skin
Loose connective tissue types
oAreolar tissue
Most widely distributed connective tissue
Soft, pliable tissue like “cobwebs”
Functions as a universal packing tissue and “glue” to hold organs in place
Layer of areolar tissue called lamina propria underlies all membranes
All fiber types form a loose network
Can soak up excess fluid (causes edema)
Loose connective tissue types
oAdipose tissue
Matrix is an areolar tissue in which fat globules predominate
Many cells contain large lipid deposits with nucleus to one side (signet
ring cells)
Insulates the body
Protects some organs
Serves as a site of fuel storage
oReticular connective tissue
Delicate network of interwoven fibers with reticular cells (like fiboblasts)
Forms stroma (internal framework) of organs, such as these lymphoid
Lymph nodes; spleen; bone marrow
Blood (vascular tissue)
Blood cells surrounded by fluid matrix known as blood plasma
Soluble fibers are visible only during clotting
Functions as the transport vehicle for the cardiovascular system, carrying:
Nutrients; waste; respiratory gases
Muscle Tissue
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