BIOL 2130 Lecture Notes - Lecture 17: Basal-Cell Carcinoma, Psoriasis, Skin Cancer

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29 Mar 2017
oProduced by hair follicle
oRoot is enclosed in the follicle
oShaft projects from the surface of the scalp or skin
oConsists of hard keratinized epithelial cells
oMelanocytes provide pigment for hair color
oHair grows in the matrix of the hair bulb in stratum basale
Hair anatomy
oCentral medulla
oCortex surrounds medulla
oCuticle on outside of cortex
Most heavily keratinized region of the hair
Associated hair structures
oHair follicle
Dermal and epidermal sheath surround hair root
oArrector pili muscle
Smooth muscle
Pulls hairs upright when person is cold or frightened
oSebaceous gland
oSudoriferous gland
oScale-like modifications of the epidermis
Heavily keratinized
oStratum bassale extends beneath the nail bed
Responsible for growth
oLack of pigment makes them colorless
Nail structures
oFree edge
oBody is the visible attached portion
oNail folds are skin folds that overlap the edges of the nail
oGrowth occurs from nail matrix
oRoot of nail is embedded in skin
oCuticle is the proximal nail fold that projects onto the nail body
Skin Homeostatic Imbalances
oTissue damage and cell death caused by heat, electricity, UV radiation, or
oAssociated dangers
Electrolyte imbalance
Circulatory shock
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