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Lecture 6

GEOG 1000 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Gentrification, Urban Decay, Social Change

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GEOG 1000
Beth Bee

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Cities as places
o Structure daily routines
o Provide opportunities and constraints
o Provide a setting for social interaction
Cultural symbols
Social change
Urban geographers study…
o Internal patterns and dynamics
o Function and role in organizing space
o Process of urbanization across space and time
Spatial organization of US cities
o Evolved around central business district- densest concentration of commerce and trade
o 1950s- after WW2, booming in suburbs (from cities), middle class living out American
dream, white
Urban decay 1970s-1990s
o Tribeca New York City
Significant physical problems- debt
Economic decline, loss of entry level jobs
Poverty and neighborhood decay
Overcrowding, no maintenance, no incentives, government funding housing
White Flight, 1960s
o White people moving to suburbs, away from cities where predominately black living
Gentrification, 1990s- present
o Influx of wealthy residents into restored areas of cities
Concern- displace low income residents, when you upgrade housing it raises property
value and rising rent, but wages do not. 1/3 or more of income for rent alone. Poverty
measured by how much you're paying. Displaces the lower income residents.
Bases of racial and class segregation
Enclaves- a portion of territory within or surrounded by a larger territory whose
inhabitants are culturally or ethnically distinct
European cities
o Low skylines
o Thriving downtown, no urban decay
o Neighborhood stability
o Broad range of municipal services in downtown (public transportation)
Islamic cities
o Jami- area of principle mosque
Mosque serves as multiple functions
o Suq- area around mosque is market place
o Ahya- residential area around market place and mosque
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