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Lecture 1

GEOG 1000 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Bald Eagle, Love Canal, Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization

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GEOG 1000
Beth Bee

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(human) environments- primary spaces and places that shape our lives. We shape them to our
needs, they influence our economies, culture, etc.
o Built environment- buildings, things we construct
o Natural environment- geographers argue that there is no such thing as "natural", all
environments have some kind of human interaction
Nature-society in geography
o Environmental determinism- idea that environment determines how society/ culture
evolves, main determining factor
Utilized to justify for slavery
o Environmental possibilism- environment possibilities that it provides, choose and adapt to
overcome limits of environment through technology/ other factors. Seen as antidote
o Conservation- Teddy Roosevelt, how resources should be used thoughtfully, people should
not exploit resources, but we should use them, be sustainable
o Preservation- John Muir, preservationist, preserving habitat/ humanity resources, resources
should not be used for consumptive use
Cultural ecology
o nature and society linked to environments, how culture is shaped by environment
o Adaptation- idea that people purposely make changes to confront environment risks
(erosion, drought, environmental risks)
Environmental impacts
o I=P*A*T
I= environmental impact
P= population
A= affluence
T= technology
Ecological footprint
o Human impacts on environment, consumption and waste patterns
Political ecology
o Political and economic forces- shape environmental degradation (deforestation)
o Scale- shapes how we see things
o Power- relationship between people and environment, may negatively effect
Environmental (in)justice
o Social differentiation, like race, class, gender, and how they shape environmental risk
Environmental crises, activism & legislation in the US
o Rachel Carson-(book) Silent Spring, 1962- ecologist researching the bald eagle declining
population, related to DDT- pesticide o illegal… hua health ad eiroetal
Clean air act
Endangered species act
o Cuyahoga River Fire- 1969, northeastern Ohio, flows into Lake Erie, people dumped
everything and anything in river, major environmental disaster
EPA- environmental protection agency
Clean water act
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